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My  most enduring mystery is who are Michael A/H Coleman’s parents?   Michael is my husbands second great grandparent. 

In the deposition of the Civil War Pension for his son William  Thomas Coleman, it states that Michael was born 23 December 1809 and his wife Mary Ann Saylor was born 21June 1814.  Both were born in central Pennsylvania, Mary Ann in Huntingdon County and Michael possibly in Huntingdon County or perhaps near by Bedford County.

The deposition goes on to state the dates of birth and death for “mother” are 1789 – 1831.  The dates for “father” are 1780-1847.   Mother would have been 42 at the time of her death and Father was 67 and  both died before the important 1850 census.

I do not know the names or numbers of any siblings of Michael A/H, nor have I found any online trees of anyone that have included “mother and father.”   There are descendants of Michael and Mary Ann but none have found the parents information.

I did find on ANCESTRY a 1820 census from Centre County, PA that lists a Thomas Coleman (male 26 thru 44) and a female (26 thru 44) and six children ages. Two male children ages 10 through 15 and four females ages  under 10 years of age.   Michael and his parents would fit into this demographic.   But are they my “people?”


Source Citation: 1820 U S Census; Census Place: Spring, Centre, Pennsylvania; Page: 264; NARA Roll: M33_98; Image: 279.


Centre County, Spring Twp, PA

Map is from Google Maps.

Spring Township is just a few miles north of the area that is mentioned in The Deposition.

In the 1830 census I find  a Thomas Coleman living in Warriors Mark, Huntingdon County.


This Thomas Coleman would fit the criteria for Michael A/H Coleman the best.  It has


1830 United States Federal Census about Thomas Coleman

Thomas Coleman

Home in 1830 (City, County, State):
Warriors Mark, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Free White Persons - Males - Under 5:   1
Free White Persons - Males - 5 thru 9:    1
Free White Persons - Males - 15 thru 19:  1
Free White Persons - Males - 20 thru 29:  1
Free White Persons - Males - 50 thru 59:  1
Free White Persons - Females - Under 5:  1
Free White Persons - Females - 5 thru 9:   2
Free White Persons - Females - 10 thru 14: 1

Free White Persons - Females - 15 thru 19:  1
Free White Persons - Females - 40 thru 49:   1
Free White Persons - Under 20:  8
Free White Persons - 20 thru 49: 2
Total Free White Persons: 11

The nine year difference in age between father and mother would be apparent  in this census. Michael would have been 21 at the time.

Source Citation: 1830 US Census; Census Place: Warriors Mark, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania; Page: 50; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 166; Family History Film: 0020640.



Google Maps. Warriors Mark Township, Huntingdon County PA.

Warriors Mark Twp, Huntingdon, PA


The distance between the two places is about 35 miles.  Now the question is how to “prove” they are “Father and Mother”

From: Spring, PA To: Warriors Mark, PA

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