Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I had lost the link for the Glinsk Parish, County Galway Baptisms but I found it in one of my ambiguous files.   I have moved it to Evernote and there it shall remain. 

I went back to review the Baptism information to find the names of the sponsors of the Dowd sibling, Thomas (1859) (my ggf), James (1862), Maria (1864) , Catherine (1868), and Norah (1870).  
The interesting thing was for Catherine and Norah Doud there was a place residence listed as Camderry, Galway, Ireland.   I “Googled” the town and it is a very small place near the border of County  Roscommon.

  A check of the 1901 census for Camderry and I found a John Doud, age 68 and his wife Catherine (Fitzmorris ???), age 60 with a daughter Anne who is 15 years of age.   I have a suspicion that these are my great great grandparents.  My great grandfather was the first born after the marriage in 1858, and he emigrated in 1880. 

Now there are a lot of other siblings out there of which I have no idea of their names.   The older siblings probably never met the older ones. Catherine would have been 18 at the age of marriage and 45 when Anne was born.  

Every discovery brings about more questions.

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