Monday, January 14, 2013


So, what am I thinking now?   This side of my family has me puzzled and there is no one left to question.  When they were alive there were no questions.

The scant information I have about them is they were from County Limerick, Ireland.   This has yet to be proven and believe me I have searched.  I found this in Obits and birth and death certificates.  I was perusing the death certificates today and was rather surprised about the length of some of them.   I would have gotten tired reading before I came to the end of some of them.  

Actually, I think I will write my own Obit with a note that is the one to be published.

Not to long ago I came upon an article (not cited and now I can not find it) that most of the O'Rourke lines were from County Leitrim, it is near but not adjacent to County Limerick.   Where to go for information now?  

Last evening I started my search (now bookmarked and saved, I eventually learn)   Why would the ancestors say Limerick on their records.  Were they born and and grew up in Leitrim and then moved to Limerick?   I have to form a plan and write a research report on this new thought about the O'Rourke information.

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