Tuesday, February 21, 2012



I seem to have a way of not getting things done.  I guess it is the procrastinator in me.   I had promised by brother in law and sister in law that I would get some pictures of him scanned from his mothers album that I found in a box when I cleaned the basement.

Gary Len and Chuck2

The three boys circa1951


Charles Hawthorn Coleman and Martha Hauser, Verona1934

Charles Hawthorn Coleman and Martha Hauser Coleman, Verona PA, 1934

This is a never seen before picture of my husbands grandparents.

CharlesMichael Coleman and Lois Elizabeth Coleman

Charles Michael Coleman and Lois Elizabeth Coleman Sperl c. 1924


Lois Coleman age 13

Lois Coleman Sperl, age13, that would be about 1938.


  1. Great photos. I especially like the one of your husband's grandparents.

  2. These photos are are wonderful but I especially like the photobooth shot of Lois, age 13. I like her clear-eyed, direct gaze into the lens, connecting us -- any viewer -- over time and distance. She's just beautiful!

    Claudia, every time I come to your blog I see your photo of "The Sibs and I" on your sidebar and I always wonder which one you are. Which one are you?