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Anton Sperl was the first husband of Katharina Rauscher.  He died three months after the birth of his son John Christ Sperl, of typhoid fever.   John was my husbands grandfather. Katharine and Anton married 17 June 1884.   They had five children who died in childhood of infectious diseases.

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Katharine remarried  Joseph Nosseck  15 February 1904.   Joseph died of tuberculosis in 1916.  Josephs second wife, Catherine Stross died on 31 October 1903 also of tuberculosis.  Joseph and Catharina had two daughters.

I have to search more for information on Joseph Nosseck.

The two tombstone are placed beside each other in St Anthony Cemetery in Shaler Pennsylvania

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  1. May have to point my husband to your blog... he loves tombstones and the stories behind them. Thanks for your comment. Perhaps you can do blog posts using the music as the Soundtrack of Your Life. Whatever song comes up you have to relate to a family member's life event and tell the story. Can't wait to read what you come up with!