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Each summer my father would take a week off and we would do things locally.   One day was dedicated to the PITTSBURGH ZOO.  It was called the Highland Park Zoo at the time because it was close to one of Pittsburgh’s many city parts, HIGHLAND PARK.    This was before we had a car, and it seemed to take a long time to get there.   The family members were all dressed and we took one bus and two street cars to get there.    This involved transfers from the bus to street cars and the same procedure home again.     My mother always packed a lunch and I suppose she took it in a picnic basket but I have no memories of it being transported.   I suppose they chose a picnic table and left it there for the day.   I do not remember anyone taking our lunch.

Another day was going to the CARNEGIE MUSEUM and my favorite part was the DINOSAURS EXHIBIT which was both frightening and fascinating at the same time.   ARAB COURIER ATTACKED BY LIONS was mounted in1867, it is the oldest exhibit and gruesomely fascinating.

A trip to KENNYWOOD PARK which was one of the many trolley parks build on the end of a line and it was a destination.   They have a Kiddy Land and a large amount of ride for the grownups.   They have three wooden roller coasters including the THUNDERBOLT and the RACER which is a double coaster.   The leave at the same time and ride in parallel tracks along the whole length.   That is one of the few double roller coasters in the  world.   What makes is scary is the fact that they are make of wood and it does not look very sturdy and the clicks and clacks when the coaster slowly makes its way up the hill.

On the other days, if it was sunny, we would go to the local state parks and swim the whole day.   For Kennywood and the parks my mother would pack sandwiches, drink and a desert for our lunch.

It wasn’t until my youngest sister was out of diapers that we went on a week long vacation.

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