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Last night I did the downloads and found the software for my Epson computer.  The computer is a few years old and never used because of two other functioning computers.  I refused to throw away something that works and getting software to work  drives me crazy.   

I have Windows 7 on my new computer.   I had visions of trials and tribulations finding and installing the drivers because Windows 7 was not around when the printer was made.    

To my great joy and satisfaction it downloaded and works like a charm.  I just had to go into the bowels of Epson and I must admit their information and downloading programs is great.   No problem at all.

What I did was scan about half of the photos from the album that I had found that belonged to my father side of the family.

The biggest obstacle was getting the photos unstuck after being in the album for about thirty years.   I do not know who had but them there, but they were really stuck.   What I did, since most of them were snapshots and not formal portraits, was gently inserting a slim knife under the picture and gently manipulating the release of the photo from the album.   There were no fatalities in destroying the pictures.  There were some of them at I could not get the edge of the photo to release to start the process.   I will scan them with my hand held scanner, I just need to replace the batteries on that tool.

A lot of them were thin, but the few formal portraits were made of better paper.  It was a tedious job but I was able to remove most of the pictures.

A few of the pictures I could identify but most of them I could not.   I wrote to my cousin and hopefully she can help me solve the mystery.

Claudia and Gerda c. 1946  

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