Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After a drive to Armstrong County Courthouse I easily found a parking space.    Then in the records department I sat down with the micro fiche reader and began my search.   My two Jacob Bowser wills proved to be a  negative search. 

I could have searched the deeds and records for Jacob and Mary but there were about 80 Jacob Bowser, I need a middle name or initial.   The Bowser name in Armstrong County is as common as Smith. 

On to lunch, and a stop at  an antique store whose owner had a shop cat named Chella.    She got Chella from a lady who was moving to New Mexico and the cat came and stayed.   She will come up for a few pats and then follow you around the store.   Nice cat was she.

At noon the Genealogy Library opened and I perused several of the books that they had to no avail.    The ladies suggested writing a inquiry for the next newsletter and gave a suggestion that perhaps Olive was not her given name, but rather one she   used.   I am hoping one of those "several brothers and sisters" are doing genealogy and have some information.

Now for the second part of the plan of research is to do a wild search for   *  Bowser, birthday 1874, parents Jacob and Mary, and female in Armstrong County in the 1880 census to see what I will come up with.   I am pretty pessimistic right now about the outcome of this search.

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