Thursday, March 3, 2011


After reading about this topic and not recalling any really fearless females, an inspiration came to me and I will write about my mother.   When I was   born  my grandmother (Gertrude O'Rourke) wanted her to name me Gertrude.   My mother did not like the name and called me Claudia.    No offense to any one named Gertrude out there, but I do not like the name either.

I suppose my mother did incur the wrath of my grandmother but I never heard of it.  Where did my mother get the name Claudia?   She just liked the name.   My mother said she named the girls and my father named the boys.   My grandmother did not like my mother because she was not Irish nor Catholic.  Has anyone else come across this that families did not like their children choice of partners because they were not of the same ethnic group?

My daughter Emily was not named for anyone either.   But I did find one of my grandfather Willi's sisters was named Emilie.

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