Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here are the remaining prints by Helmut Clausen.   This has produced a genealogical mystery.   My cousin in Germany told me that Helmut was not the son of Fritz Claassen and Lily Schridde Claassen.    She has talked to her mother, Gerda who is 84 years of age.  

My cousin also said that Fritz and Lily name was spelled Claassen as opposed to Clausen.    Mystery number one and mystery number two is who was Helmut and why did my grandmother have his prints?   Mystery number three and four  is Helmut the son of a brother of Fritz Claassen and why did my mother say he was a cousin?

The last mystery is why I do not get any information when I do a Google search for his name.   I even did a search on  

Helmut does a good job with the painting of water and the reflections.  That is difficult to do in water colors.  The reflections of light are good too.

Helmut Clausen water color prints8 Helmut Clausen water color prints7 Helmut Clausen water color prints6 Helmut Clausen water color prints5

Helmut Clausen water color prints4


  1. More beautiful paintings! I hope you solve your mystery.

  2. Hi, I just selected your blog for the Ancestor Approved Award. You can go to my site to get the picture and post it on your wall. Good job with your blog.