Saturday, February 12, 2011


My two accomplishments for this week are:  I have found two wills from men named Jacob Bowser.  All I have to do is head to Kittanning and look at their wills.   But, I have become wiser and will call first.  I am glad it is only a forty five minute drive.  
Second was today I went to monthly meeting of  the Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society.   Today was a presentation by Debbie Kapp who talked about Exploring the New Family    I have always had trouble using the Family Search web site.  She covered four main places to search and explained the fine details of the web design.   There were a lot of things I did not know or perhaps missed.   I am now excited to go about their site and see what I can find.   
I had a feeling of disappointment when some book I would be interested in was located in the LDS Library in Salt Lake.   Debbie said that a lot of the same books are in other Libraries or genealogical societies.  I have to search more on that subject.  I should have deduced that myself, but now I know.


  1. Good work, Claudia. I wish I lived just 45 minutes from the county of my PA roots!

    Have you used worldcat before? It's an online catalog of books held in lots of different libraries. It's sometimes easier to get your library to do an interlibrary loan if you can show them the library where they can request a loan. Type in the title of your book at and see if there's a copy closer to home.

  2. Nancy, I have heard of worldcat but never used it. Thanks for the link, I will see what I can find.