Friday, December 3, 2010


Since everyones blog is nicely decorated I decided to give mine a try.   I like the picture but I have yet to figure out how to shrink the photo, because my blog title is gone.  I will play with it later. 

We all have been getting our daughter ready to move for her new job.   The first job after graduation from Nursing School.   She has  a lot of support from us and as I was thinking about our ancestors.    I can not imagine leaving my homeland and just moving across the ocean for parts unknown. 

What prompted them to go?  Was it economic, like our daughter.   How long did it take to come to this decision,  after Emily got the offer there was a lot of work to do involving housing.    Did our ancestors have any idea where they were going?  Was there a relative or some of support system for them when they arrived.

Emily and I have been packing boxes and moving everything to the garage to be packed in the U Haul truck.   Did our ancestors bring much with them., what would be on their list to take with them.  This day and age the move will go with relative smoothness, with the exception of looking for a snow storm.

It has been interesting moving a child off on her own.   But, how was it for the families that were left behind in the old country?  Much harder I would think,   I can call her or send a text message.   One hundred years ago they had to wait for the letter to make it across the ocean to find out how their children were faring.  It will prove to be interesting for me and it will give me a lot to ponder about my ancestors moves.


  1. Claudia, it's a fun photo at the top of your blog. I have often thought about ancestors moving away from family - moving oceans away, sometimes - and how hard it must have been. And how much courage it must have taken for those leaving.

    Best wishes for your daughter's success in her new career. My daughter will graduate from nursing school in April but I'm hoping she'll move closer to home instead of further away.

  2. I think the big photo is awfully pretty.....

  3. I hope your daughter loves her new place to live with a wonderful career.
    I think our ancestors took only a small amount of things with them. Merry Christmas, Mary