Friday, December 3, 2010



We usually had a live Christmas tree.   (I missed the first post) and we would decorate it will glass ornaments and lights.   Those were the light bulbs that we as big as those 9V night lights.  They were very heavy and would weigh the tree branches down.

Under the tree there would be a little village with houses, shops, and a church.   Little people happily hurrying along there was were also in the village.  

My dads brother, Richard, had purchased the Lionel Train Set for my brother and I.  It would be there every year.

A lot of the ornaments were made in Germany or Eastern Europe and one by one they would break.  The lights were replaced with bubble lights.   They were shaped like a candle and would bubble up in the tube when they got warm. 

In the fifties an Aluminum tree with bulbs of a solid color was used and it was illuminated with a rainbow, rotating disc that made the tree glow with four different colors; green, red, blue and yellow.

One item that was antique, even at the time of my childhood was a paper mache Nativity Set.   It belonged to my grandmother, Gertrude O'Rourke Dowd.   It was said that they came from OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY.   Many are missing from long ago and I have tried to find replacements but that has not yet happened. 




Henry and the Tree 001

After Henry knocked over the tree.  "What, why are you looking at me??"


  1. That picture is priceless - how funny!

    The nativity scene figures are wonderful too - how great to have something that has been handed down in your family like that!

  2. Ah, the fascination of cats with Christmas trees. Ours think that a speedway goes around the bottom of the tree.

  3. I think speed may be a factor in that accident..