Sunday, December 19, 2010


And all I have done so far is move the daughter, and learn how to insert a photo that now is of a good size.   I missed the "shrink to fit" option when I posted the poinsettias. 
Chuck and Emily are still in upstate PA and I had to come back to work.  
I wish I could remember what my parents had said about their celebrations of Christmas.   I remember that my mother said that they had lighted candles on the Christmas Tree and one of the candles started the tree afire.   My grandfather, Willi, threw the tree outside. 
My father never did say anything except sometimes they would get an orange.   With his father dead and my grandmother trying to eke out an existence it would have been difficult.    But I do have my grandmothers Nativity Set.
I suppose those mysteries will never be known since I am the oldest of the six.   My mother did tell me that it was her mother who gave them money to buy us presents so we would have a nice Christmas.    My dads mother also bought presents for the children.
I wonder now how my parents managed all those years.   I, like many others, were poor and we did not know it.   I guess we were blissfully unaware.


  1. I was also raised in a home the was poor, but I never knew it. I always thought we were richer than some of my friends because we sat down to dinner together every night, and had "just enough."

    We miss your genealogy posts. Hurry back.

  2. Happy Blogiversary!. Great that you are the one writing the stories. What a wonderful thing you are doing. :)