Saturday, September 4, 2010



I spent yesterday and today catching up with a lot of blogs.  I enjoy reading every ones trials, tribulations and triumphs.

But, what I did discover is a lot of people are feeling like me and seem not to have the motivation to post.   They seem to be like me I want to do it but are having a problem getting things started.

I hope this is temporary, and I am sure it is.   Myself I have to get researching on my great grandparents Dowd and Naughton.   I feel very deflated because I do not know who they are.   My cousin did not offer any information, he thought the dates that I had were good.  Guess he is puzzled too.

Point number one, the dates of birth given on their marriage license.    Point number two, the different dates on their death certificates and the parents names that are listed.

I have to find siblings.   This has been a problem for me. My father told me that his grandmother had a twin sister and he could not tell them apart.   So, from that I know she was in the USA.    For  him to remember this information about Bridget and her sister  the time line must be from 1925 (dad would have been seven) till 1939, the year Bridget died.  

There are two women (Norah and Catherine)  whose names were Dowd they are of the same age group as my great grandfather.    I found their marriage records, but Norah Dowd Finnerty is not in the 1930 census, so Norah died sometime between 1920 and 1930.   Can I send for a ten year search?     Catherine Dowd Mulroy is listed in the 1930 census as a widow.   These woman and their families lived next door to each other on the same street as Thomas and Bridget.   I check newest records for the Western District of PA and can not find him there.

I also have to make a list and go to the cemetery and see what else I can find.    Perhaps on Tuesday.

I think my malaise is caused by this conundrum.

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