Sunday, September 5, 2010



I have seen a few blogs out there for organizations and libraries and I have been contemplating perhaps we need one for our group; the Oakmont Genealogical Study Group.

I talked to our president and she thought it was a good idea but she knew nothing of how to do that…..I do know. I just have to set it up but first I should talk to my cousin, who is in the same group, about the idea.

Why do I think we need this?  To give some exposure to our little group and hopefully it will enable us to gain more members.

I just have to figure out how to allow all the members to post entries……I think it can be done, but, does everyone need to have a Gmail account to post.

The meeting is the second Tuesday of every months and I will present my case then.


  1. I would recommend that you stay with one person (you) posting at the new blog until the members understand basic concepts of blogging.

    Also check with Susi Pentico who created a blog for her genealogy study group ( as well as the Elgin Genealogical Society which has a blog with several authors (

  2. Thank you Thomas. I will do what you have suggested. I think it is good advice to have me as the only person posting until I get it up and running.
    It was mentioned that all people who post must have a Gmail account in able to write.