Monday, September 20, 2010



My madness happened yesterday.   I broke another major brick wall.   The Madness part came in place today when I read a tip on the Kim Komando newsletter when a person wanted to know when the photos were taken.

This did not relate to me about the digital photo dating,  but the writer Miranda had an excellent quote:


This should be our mantra.  

The whole family said that our great grandfather Thomas Dowd was born in County Mayo, and as I found out he was born in County Galway.   It took me a long time to verify, because I believed what the family tradition had said.  If I had not sent for his death certificate (I know I should have done that first and it took me awhile to do it) I would still be here with My Theory that the young women (Nora and Catherine Dowd/Doud) were his sisters and now I KNOW they were.   I have to peruse the GLINSK CHURCH RECORDS  to see if I can find Richard Fitzmorris and determine if he was a nephew of my Great Great Grandmother Catherine Fitzmorris.

I am mad with joy.

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