Sunday, September 19, 2010



Today after finding John Dowd (Doud) and Catherine Fitzmorris I stumbled up GLINSK BAPTISM RECORDS  and it does indeed have Baptism records including the ones of my Great Grandfather Thomas Dowd.

This is part one of three but it also has listed a few siblings of Thomas.   John Dowd 4 April 1862.   Maria Dowd 28 August 1864,    Catherine Dowd 2 July 1868 and Honoria Dowd 21 August, 1870.  There is allegedly a brother Michael who moved to Cleveland or Chicago after emigration.   I have to find him…..

Thomas had two women who I had a theory that were his sisters,   Catherine and Nora.  There were about the same age and married here in the USA.  Catherine married Thomas Mulroy and Nora married Cummins Finnerty.   They were sponsors for Thomas and Bridgets children and at one time lived next to each other in North Braddock PA.

One of my Cousins said that the family would visit some relative in New Jersey PA, and I am wondering of that was John Dowd who was three years younger than Thomas.


  1. Congrats on this wonderful find!

  2. Honoria Dowd (Nora) and Cummins Finnerty were my great-great grandparents! Have you found any more information on the still-living Dowd's or Finnerty's? I would love to make a connection with long lost family members!


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