Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I have decided to do this great date chasing caper.   My father said his grandfather (Thomas Dowd) was born in County Mayo Ireland, this was also collaborated by a few cousins that I have met thru genealogy.

On his marriage license application, in October 1889 in Pittsburgh-Allegheny county, it lists his birthday as 14 March 1860.  On the Irish Family History Foundation is lists Thomas Dowd, Mayo County, Baptism in April 1860 with parents Thomas Dowd and Cate Sweeney.   That is the only Thomas Dowd in Mayo County in that time frame.

  On the 1900 census it gives a birthday as March 1858 with his immigration in 1880.  He and Bridget Naughton have been married ten years.

Bridget’s birthday on her marriage application was listed as 25 March, 1867, cousins said she was also from Mayo County.   On the LDS site it has a record of Bridget Naughton with birthday of 25 March 1868 with parents listed as Thomas Naughton and  Catherine Ward. On the 1900 census her birthday is listed as March 1866. 

1910 census census Thomas is listed as birthday about 1865 and naturalization in 1882.   Bridget’s birth about 1867.

1920 census Thomas is 55 years of age, meaning he was born in 1865, and Bridget is 43, being born in 1877.  Bridget became naturalized in 1903.

1930 census, taken on April 12, 1930,  Thomas had died on 18 March 1930, just about a month earlier.   Bridget’s age is 63 and living with her is listed Mary R granddaughter.   Whose child is Mary R?  Bridget is unable to read or write.

Death certificate information.  Thomas Dowd, born 12 May 1858, County Galway Ireland.  Father John Dowd, County Galway Ireland and mother Catherine Fitzmorris, County Galway Ireland.   Thomas date of death is 15 March 1930, cause of death pneumonia, at age 71.  Information supplied by Bridget Dowd.

Bridgets death certificate information, date of death 2 January, 1939 also from pneumonia.   Father listed as Thomas Naughton and Nora Nee, supplies by her son Richard Dowd.

Interesting fact.   I have rechecked my information from the Diocese of Pittsburgh and a sponsor for my grandfather, Thomas Dowd (1891) is listed Richard Fitzmorris and he is also sponsor for Catherine Dowd (1893)

Children of Thomas and Bridget:
Thomas Dowd   1892,  Catherine 1893, John 1896, Nora 1896, Mary 1898, Richard 1900, Agnes 1903, and Theresa 1906.
Where to go from here?

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  1. Have you tried www.rootsireland.ie ? Almost all of the counties are online now.