Tuesday, September 14, 2010



A really handy dandy thing I have found is an Add On for Firefox.   It is called SCREEN CAPTURE ELITE  It will take a picture of a page on you can save it as a complete page, visible page, or a selection. 

There is a small camera icon on the right of the task bar on the bottom of your screen.   Right click and the a cross appear and you choose where you want to store the screen shot.   It is free and works with Firefox.

You can store it on your desktop or in a file folder.   I store it on my desktop and then move it where I want.   I find it great if you are not connected to a printer and you want to save things like bank statements, registrations to hotels or things your buy.   

It is also good to capture anything related to genealogy, records or anything interesting information.   You can review what you have saved later and decide if it is relevant or not.  Paper and ink is saved and you only print what is necessary.  

I really like this add on.

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  1. yes it's an excellent addon thanks for telling me about it :)