Monday, March 1, 2010


Tom D family listings

Tom Dowds family notes Gertrude B O'Rourke delayed birth cert 1943

My mystery is my grandmothers family.    In my fathers notes he has listed my grandmother and her five siblings.  Then on his second paper he has listed three unknown, Dennis, Loretta and who is the other child?    On my grandmothers Delayed Birth Certificate it has written that there were three children who had died at the time of my grandmothers birth but a total of 10 children.

I found  the county death log for Loretta, she has died about the age of two with “brain fever.’ I know of Dennis because of my grandmothers talking about him and how he drowned in the river.  Dennis was not included in the 1880 census and I imagine he would have been in the 1890 census. So he would have been about the age of ten when he would have died, that is my theory.

My great grandfather, Patrick O’Rourke, had purchased his cemetery lots in August of 1891, this seems  to coincide with the possibility of the time that Dennis would have been swimming in the river.

Why the delayed Birth Certificate?   Gertrude and her brother William both applied at the same time,   my theory is they needed to get Social Security Cards.

It also listed Ellen MORTEL O’Rourke as being three years older than her husband Patrick.   On their tombstone they are listed as being born the same year.

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