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Anna Orourke Zentner  Peter Zentner

This is a picture of my Great Aunt Anna O’Rourke.   Anna was my grandmothers oldest sister.  My grandmother was born in 1892 so she was sixteen when Gertrude was born.

Anna married three times, first was to Charles Forgie.  He died in an accident, I have yet to delve into that incident.  She had one son, Charles.

Next she married Peter Zentner and they had five children.   I do remember my cousins, but they were all married at the time.    Pete died an early death also.

Then she married James Clougherty, the local priest introduced them.   I have the feeling from talking to my cousin that this was a marriage of necessity rather than love.  She needed someone to support her and he needed someone to take care of his children.

Anna is buried with her husband Peter and I have no clue where James Clougherty is buried.

The baby Richard Davis was her grandchild, son of Mary and Carl Davis.

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