Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was  reading a newly found blog Ancestral Archaeologist , when I came upon a thought.   One of the 52 week of new ideas had been to write about myself and today it struck me.....Between 1972 and 1980 Chuck and I had moved and lived in Asia, Europe, PA, IA, TX and New Jersey.    If any of my descendants would search my census records they would find my name only listed in the same house in Pennsylvania.    They would have no idea where I had been.    

While we were traveling we had rented out our house and then returned there in 1978.    I suppose those records would be hard to find, especially if you had no idea of where I had been.   I suppose if you went into records for tax and deed transfers you could find the USA records, but not the Asia and Europe.    That would be "I can't believe it !!!!" for some future descendant.....

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  1. It is very impotant that you document your stay in Asia and Europe as it is part of your history and make sure your story gets told about the time your spent away from home. Future generation must know of your adventures and your life experiences so that they can learn from it as well