Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is a posting from GENABLOGGERS I must admit Thomas you come up with very good ideas. Mostly things I perhaps have thought of but somehow can not get into action. But I will try…….with your formulation….

Define my purpose…….I started my blog with the idea of trying to organize what on earth I was doing. I have only been doing this for three years, and only seriously for one. I have really gotten on the wagon since I started this blog.

With the help (or ideas on what has already been done by others) I have been able to duplicate what the more seasoned researchers have done to solve their problems. I have found resources that I did not know about.

I have found relatives I did not know had existed. I wish I knew of them and talked to them when they were alive. I wished I had asked my grandparents about their grandparents.

My goal is to find out about the people whose genes make me who I am today. I would very much like to find my German relatives, the descendants of siblings of my grandfather Willi Schridde, and I am sure most of them live in Germany. I added the mini translator perchance some one will Google my names and find me. If they can not speak English they can hit the button, also if one looks at the variety of countries that my visitors come from it is truly amazing.

I would like to find a picture of my great grandparents Thomas Dowd and Bridget Naughton and their eight children, including my grandfather Thomas. I am sure one is out there somewhere.

I am taking it one step at a time to go beyond my great grandparents, in fact I know the names of of all my great grandparents and I know the names of five of eight of great great grandparents. I think my problem is the fact that I am a first generation American. All of my Irish great grandparents were immigrants and my German grandparents along with my mother came to the USA in 1926. I have to discover what churches they attended and if I can find them in those records.

That is my goal

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