Thursday, January 14, 2010


I loved the green but did not the the narrow look. I did a search under help and came up with an article telling me how to make it wider. It could have been written in Greek for all I could understand. It gave instructions but did not tell me (IT COULD HAVE BUT I AM TOTALLY CLUELESS HOW TO DECIPHER THEM) how to follow them. There were about twenty comments singing the praises of those instructions. That is definitely operator error. When the answer to the question was obscure I decided that just to change the template to "stretch" somehow, I have the feeling this is what the instructions had in mind but for the life of me I could not even attempt to do that. Those people must be more computer savvy than I

Anyhow, I like the new look, but perhaps I could change the colors or perhaps I should just leave well enough alone. Think I will save the color change for later when I get bored.

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  1. I would be glad to read the instructions and translate into "normal speak" for you. I used to work at a help desk and I am would be happy to help you anytime. Email me