Thursday, January 14, 2010


Gerda birth certificate

This is a copy of my mutters birth certificate.   She would be 87 tomorrow.   If you look closely at the stamp on the right side of the document you will notice their is a swastika under the eagle.    With this on her birth certificate she was unable to get a job after her high school graduation in 1942.   My mother had lived in the USA since 1926.

The only job she could find was as a clerk in a bakery.   

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    I come to your blog via Lucy's blog.
    I just started doing my search.Oh my gosh, what work that is. I joined
    I have traced my family back to my great-great grandparents who came to America from Wales on the Emigrant.
    It is soooo interesting, but I spent a whole week-end searching and still have a way to go. Now I need to get it all on paper in an orderly'm thinking of getting a dry eraser board and putting everything down on that first..
    Good luck in your search,