Saturday, December 19, 2009


I have been up since I heard my husband scraping of the car windshield as he was going to work, or rather, getting the car ready to go. It is snowing and there are about four inches outside.

What did our ancestors do when it snowed? Did they walk to work? Since they would have been working in the year 1900 they would not have had a car. I suppose there were trolleys or did everyone live near their place of employment?

Some things that were so common sometimes are off our own radar.. I would really like to have spent a day with each family of mine to see what a typical day was really like. I wonder what it will be like one hundred ten years from now and what will my descendants life be like? Now that is a thought to be pondered.....I imagine the future will be entirely different than we could ever imagine, just as the future was for our great grandparents.

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  1. My mother and grandparents walked and lived close to where they worked. If my great-grandfather found work in the next town he would find someone to room and board with and return home only on weekends. My cousin was paid by the village to plow the sidewalks with a horse drawn plow. Other ancestors had sleighs. The ones that lived outside town didn't get out much!