Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today I feel like a child at Christmas. I sent away for ten obituaries from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh.

They will look up five events for $10. So, considering the parking is five dollars and it would take me hours I decided it was a bargain. I hope I am able to glean some information about my ancestors.

I told my daughter that if she puts my picture in my obit, do not put my high school graduation pic, and do not put in one that makes me look awful. Somewhere in my 50's or 60's would be nice.

When my father died in 2004 I selected a picture of my Mom and Dad together and had it printed on the back of the prayer card. Mom had died in 1995 so I think it looked good.

A while back I found my Great Grandmother
Ellen O'Rourke obit and to my surprise it stated that she had her viewing at home. Now, did the undertaker come to the house and prepare the body? Was this the custom or was it done out of economic necessity? Her death was in 1924, I really have not read anything about the practice, although I know they had viewings at home in the Old Country.

Anyhow, the envelope was just mailed this week. so I guess it will come with the information in about a month. I then will need to contact the State of PA for copies of the death certificates to see what information I can get from them. I also need to send another inquiry to the Diocese of Pittsburgh to obtain other information about newly discovered relatives.

My Dad had the death certificate from Patrick and Ellen O'Rourke and I did not find much. Is this because the children did not know or wasn't getting the information a priority?

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