Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well, yesterday Chuck and I made the arrangements and prepaid a lot of the funeral related expenses. My father had purchased the lots about 20 years ago.

My sister and I both thought that there were 8 sites, but there are only 6. Here in PA you can put two persons per grave, it is called extra deep. Emily said thanks that we took of a lot of worry for her when the time comes. The last one to go will have to find their own spot. We also learned about Mausoleums'. It costs just a little more to be buried in one.

The sales woman is fluent in German, Hungarian and Czech. She read the old German on my grandmother (Anna Bartels) birth certificate and said the church in Celle was Blumlage. So now I can delve into the bowels of the LDS records and order them.

I find the site difficult to navigate, or perhaps, it is me……I will get on that soon. I’m so excited.

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