Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deitrich and Bartels

After Tuesdays trek to the Mckeesport Versailles Cemetery I researched some of the names on

What I found was the 1920 census with Charles Dietrich, age 57, living in Duquesne PA. Also in the household was his wife, Alwine age 45, and William Bartels, age 57. William was listed as brother-in-law. Charles and Alwine immigrated in 1888 from Germany. As of the date (1920) they were all naturalized citizens.

As for Ella and Minna Bartels, I found a listing in 1907 with Minna listed as a "non resident alien" (on the immigration list) with a note as sister of Mrs. Schwab. I guess you had to have a sponsor? Emma and Herman Schwab were also buried in the cemetery plot.

I found Ella Bartels living in Pittsburgh in the 1920 census, with her occupation listed as a servant and he age was forty. Ella immigrated in 1904 from Prussia. On her immigration form is states sister-in-law of Charles Dietrich. Ella was from Celle, Germany which is where my grandmother Anna Bartels was born in 1900.

Were William, Minna, Ella, Emma. Alwine and my great grandfather Daniel Bartels siblings? With the dates of death listed in the 1940's and 1950's why am I not able to find them for all years in the US Census?

More research to be done....I guess it is never ending. My mother had mentioned that her fathers sisters had died at an early age of cancer. Maybe she said or meant her maternal grandfather sisters. Ella and Nina both died of cancer????????

To every rumor is a hint of truth.............

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