Wednesday, May 20, 2009



My husband had mentioned that his father Joseph Sperl would go to Uniondale Cemetery and place flowers on the graves of relatives.   He thought they were relatives on his  dads, mothers (Mary Stephens Sperl) side.   Is there a word for relatives on your fathers mother side?

I did a search and there is a link for the Civil War Burials on this Roots Web Site.   John and Robert Stephens are listed.   John was born 4 October 1834 and died 22 April 1912.   Robert did not have a listing for his birth but died on 22 Mach 1913.   

By the dates I my theory is that one of these men were Mary Stephens Sperl grandfathers.   Mary was born in 1900, I have not done much research on her line because I never had much information.   Now I can proceed with research on her line.   

Chuck and I will be going there this summer some time.   I need to go when the office is open, so that eliminates weekends.  

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