Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Shawnna and I went on a field trip to the McKeesport Versailles Cemetery. I found the graves of my grandparents, actually I knew they were there.

Anna Bartels Scridde

Willie Schridde

I had been there long ago with my parents when the tended to the graves. What I had recently found was my grandmothers brother. His name was August Bartels.

August Bartels

What I did not expect to find was two more Bartels, Minna and Ella. Ella died in 1955. From the years of their births, could they be August and Anna’s aunts. The sisters of my great grandfather. I perused Ancestry but did not find anything on first look.

Ella Bartels Minna Bartels Charles and Alwine Deitrick

I also found two graves of Charles Dietrich and his wife Alwine, and two graves of Herman Schwab and Emma Schwab. I remember my mother talked of Schwab’s as cousins. It seemed at some time they lived in Birmingham AL, Herman was working at the steel mills there.

It seems that Charles Dietrich purchased the lot. Who are they and what is the relationship

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  1. Hi Claudia,
    So glad you put the link to the cemetery in your post. What a beautiful place! Good luck with your search for the connection of the Schwabs and the Dietrichs.