Sunday, May 17, 2009



I reading Randy Seavers Blog  about what inspired you to start with Genealogy.     About twenty years ago my cousin Helen Jean stopped to visit my mother in law and ask about her mothers recollections with Lois’s Family.    Lois and Helen Jeans father were siblings.

I thought that it was very interesting, but did not do anything on my thought.    It wasn’t until 2004, after my fathers death, when I was going thru his papers and found a treasure trove of information about the family.   I have since wondered why he had never mention that he had this information.   He had even started writing some basic information about his grandparents (Patrick and Ellen)

My biggest regret is not asking questions when the parents were living.   I wonder what percentage of the genealogist have that some regret?  I would be willing to be it would be a high percentage.Anton, Katharina Sperl 158

This Grant Woodesque picture is of my mother and father circa 1960.    I think perhaps I took the photo

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  1. I for one am in that high percentage of genealogist researchers who regret not asking more questions!
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