Monday, May 25, 2009


picturesbyclaudia 282

This is a picture of the Unknown Soldier to me. His picture was in my fathers family photo album. I know it is circa World War I. Of course, as usual, there is nothing on the back.

picturesbyclaudia 277

This is the wedding picture of my mother Gerda Schridde and my dad Thomas Dowd before he shipped out to Europe. It was taken Feb 1943.

picturesbyclaudia 266

This is a picture of my dads brother Richard Dowd,he also was in WWI. I do not know where he was stationed. He died in 1951-1952.picturesbyclaudia 281

This is a picture of my fathers step brother William Graham. He was a paratrooper and got his ear shot off during the D Day invasion. He returned to the states and had an ear reconstruction and became a police offices for the East Pittsburgh PA Police Department. He cheated death in about one to two inches. He died of an MI at an early age. His father Peter was my grandmother Ellen O’Rourke Dowd’s second husband, he also died at an early age from an MI>


  1. Claudia, I appreciate all that your military family members did for our freedom. This is a wonderful tribute to them.

    When you commented on my post at Genealogy Traces you mentioned how much the groom in my banner looked like William Spence Davis. Spence was his grandfather, his mother's father. And that is me and my husband of 45 years in the wedding photo!

    I also see the resemblance you talk about in the pictures of you and your siblings! Kinda uncanny, isn't it? Do you have links to Tennessee, particularly East Tennessee?

  2. I know you were talking about you and your sibs looking a lot like your grandfather's family photo, but I meant to tell you how much I think you have your father's chin and smile.

  3. Hey Claudia, are you getting tired of seeing MY mug up here? ;p)

    East Tennessee is beautiful and we sure miss it since we are now in Texas and can't seem to get back that way very often.

    If you would like to create a banner for the top of your blog, the best thing to do is follow the GeneaBloggers savvy tech - Thomas. If you will go to this page Facebook Bootcamp for Geneabloggers and follow his directions, you will be a pro in no time. He has the clearest instructions of anyone I have ever seen and I've found ALL kinds of things on the blog to help.