Sunday, April 5, 2009

IDEA # 15

Today I will follow another of Amy's ideas. It is #15. Earlier this week I received the death information on a Loreto O'Rourke. To my surprise the parents were listed as my Patrick O'Rourke and Ellen Mortel. Her name was Loretta, she had died from fever in November of 1894, her age being two.

Now the mystery. My grandmother Gertrude had always said that her birthday was 5 October 1892. On the information from the Diocese of Pittsburgh it has listed Gertrude's birthday as 18 May 1890. The next child is listed as Bridget, born 5 October 1892, which Gertrude had said was her birthday. I remember it because October is my birth month and we would celebrate the month.

How did the switch happen..was Gertrude aware or it? Each answer is an enigma. Were there so many children that it was difficult keeping each ones birthday straight? I guess another trip to the Carnegie Library is on the agenda, quite possibly on Saturday.
The picture is one of Gertrude. I think the photo is old because of the sepia color. In this picture Gertrude is of undetermined age, but I have a suspicion that she is much younger than she appears.

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