Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I read a blogging idea written by Amy at WE TREE about thing to write if you if you run out of ideas. I am always looking for ideas, and she had many listed. It may keep me busy for the year.


This is a picture of my great grandparents. Heinrich Theodor Fredrick Schridde and Anna Meta Margarethe Hackmann. The man in the back in his German WW I uniform is my grandfather Willi Schridde. He was born in Quickborn Germany in 1898. I was writing to a gentleman who had the Schridde name in his family tree and he helped me by contacting the authorities in Quickborn and I was able to get the name of my great grandparents. They did not live in that town and left a little while after Willi was born. I will be forever thankful to him for helping me find their names.

We think the families are related but it must have been generations ago.

Willi had five sisters, Johanna, Una, Mina, Dina and Lily. Lily married Herr Clausen. I have some water color prints by Helmut Clausen. I do not know if that was her husband or son. The ironic thing about that is I also like to paint watercolors. Johanna was listed as a witness at my grandparents wedding.

I know the sisters names but not who they were. This is a mystery I would love to solve. I found this picture at my sister Kathy’s house a few years ago. She said it was out great grandparents and our mother had given it to her. I had to have a copy.

It is my hope sometime someone in Germany will recognize the people and contact me about the family.

Anton, Katharina Sperl 143

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  1. Great photo! I'm glad the blog ideas helped you. I use them all the time when I get stuck. Thanks for sharing your story.