Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I had off today and decided to go to the LDS Church. It is about 10 minutes from my house.
I was perusing the catalogue when the woman who was sitting next to told me about all she had found on Footnote. Seems the LDS Church has a subscription. I had joined Footnote on the one week free trial basis and did not find anything.
What I did find was that my Great Grandfather (Thomas John Dowd) was sponsor for a lot of people. I found that he had sponsored about four people, those were just the ones that he had records for. The major one was of Thomas Mulroy, who I had just found the marriage record for Thomas and my Great Great Anut Catherine Dowd, who was now Mrs. Mulroy. Today I also found out that Thomas Dowd's middle name was John.
My cousin Walter had told me that the Dowd Family would go to New Jersey to visit some relatives. What I found was a petition for Michael Joseph Dowd, who GGF Thomas was also a sponsor, he had traveled to New York for that one. Michael was born in 1881, which was a year after Thomas came to the USA. I have to check to see if that is accurate, the printing is tiny. But I am really excited on my new find.

It was an Eureka day.

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