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Today I went for a trip to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh   Genealogy Department

I was again perusing the microfilms looking for “my people.”  Katharina Sperl’s first husband Anton died of Typhoid Fever in 1899.   

In the 1900 census she was a widow and in 1910 she was married to Joseph Nosseck.   I was looking for Joseph and Katharine’s marriage date and any other information.    

My friend/cousin Julie told me that she had thought he was married two times before he married Katharina.  I have to write and ask her why she had thought that…..

The unusual thing was in the microfilmed records I found his marriage to Katie Stross in 1888 and again to Katie Stross in 1896.  When I looked for one of them it had a marriage of John Nosseck to another woman.   I am thinking that John might be Josephs brother.    I do not know if he married Katie, divorced and married her again or the records are in error.

What I did find was Joseph’s marriage to Katharine Sperl, 15 February 1904.   On another record I have from a death look up is the death of Edward Nosseck in 1901.   Edward was a baby who died from “brain fever.”   Meningitis???

In 1901 Katie was still alive and by 1904 Joseph had remarried, so her death was sometime in those three years.    I have to search Stross on Ancestry.   Each answer begets another question.

I should have named my blog,

Each Answer Begets Another Question.


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