Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sundays Musings

Julie told me that she knew Joseph Nosseck was married twice before because of the 1900 census. He had indicated that he had been married twice. I was wrong the first wife was not a Catherine, at least not that I know of, I am now on the quest to find the name of the first wife. When I find young women who have died early I suspect that they most likely died in childirth. With the going C-Section rate at about 30% one can imagine that these woman could not deliver their babies and died. That is a staggering statistic, almost one third of the woman could have died. Then another group would have died from infection following the delivery. Those are very sobering numbers when you think about it.

The Library has many microfilms and the equipment is hard to manage. I think this is because of the age of the films and the readers as well. I tried to put on one roll but I could not get it to fit. The hole was round and the peg was square. I talked to a lady and she said I had to do everything reversal Turn the roll over, insert it where the receiving reel would go, and use the rewind button to get it to go forward. My supposition was that someone just moved it to the receiving reel and put it away on the wrong reel.

The death indexes are from 1893 to 1906. The more recent are in the PA Archives of Vital Statistics and have to be ordered. Where are the ones from before 1893, is the only place they are located at whatever church they had attended? The death index does not contain Katie Stross death. Was she buried under her maiden name, or did she die in a county other than Allegheny?

Where the three Nosseck men (Joseph, John and Edward) brothers?

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