Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Anton, Katharina Sperl 042

I finally downloaded my tombstone pictures from my backup CD. It is a good thing I have things backed up two or three times.

Katharina Rauscher Sperl Nosseck was my husband great grandmother. She is buried in St. Anthony Catholic Cemetery in Allegheny County PA. Joseph Nosseck was her second husband. According to the census records Joseph had been married two times before, all three of the women were named Catherine/Katharina. I have to find out more about them.

Can anyone out there translate the inscription? I know it starts out Here in this rose garden, and mentions wife and children.

Katharina lost many children. I think the only Sperl child that lived was Chucks grandfather John. She had two other children by Joseph Nosseck and they had two daughters who also lived to adulthood.

I have a lot of questions yet to be answered.


  1. I ran it through google translate for you - one word it did not translate - and you will have to make sense of this translation because it is literal - anyway here is the translation from google:
    Here in this rosengarten I have on women and children waiting for her love do not go verdeibenket I was your faithful father

  2. Thank you Terri. Katharina and Anton had about six children who had died. Anton died in 1899 (typhoid) and she married Joseph about c.1905. The children are also buried in the plot. She had two children with Joseph and the two women lived to adulthood.