Thursday, March 12, 2009


Anton, Katharina Sperl 176 

This picture was taken Easter 1915.   The title Easter 1915 was written on the back, in German.  I like the minister in the middle with the Elizabethan type collar and the black robe.    

My grandmother is sitting, first girl, second row on the right.   I recognized her picture because I have many pictures of her as a child.  

She was born in 1900, that would be a good year, you would always know how old you were.  She does appear to be about fifteen years old.   What I thought was interesting is in the Catholic Church   they all wear white for their  Confirmation.  Was it not the fashion, were the Germans more practical to wear a nice dress that could be used again.  Or was it the fact that they were in the midst of WWI?   

That is something I will probably never know.  I think it is amazing that even during a war, the religious celebrations went on.

If I can find the Church records I could find out more about my family in Germany.


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