Friday, March 27, 2009

Randy’s Genealogy Fun

I have noticed that quite a few people were reading Randy Seavers Blog and answering these questions.  I feel like an orphan.

Provide a list of your paternal grandmother's patrilineal line. Answer these questions:
* What was your father's mother's maiden name?
* What was your father's mother's father's name?
* What is your father's mother's father's patrilineal line? That is, his father's father's father's ... back to the most distant male ancestor in that line?
* Can you identify male sibling(s) of your father's mother, and any living male descendants from those male sibling(s)? If so, you have a candidate to do a Y-DNA test on that patrilineal line. If not, you may have to find male siblings, and their descendants, of the next generation back, or even further.


1) What was your father’s mother’s maiden name.

I had been told that it was Martel, but I find out that name is French.  Since Ellen was Catholic I wonder if perhaps it could have been Mortel/Mortell???  Those names are listed as Irish names…

2) Her father’s name?

The only inkling or clue is on her death certificate is the name Patrick.  Location ???? Somewhere in Ireland.

3) Patrick’s patrilineal line?

I have no clue, I would love to find this information.

4) Male siblings?

I do not know that either…This information remains a mystery..

I feel sort of cheated and really out of the Genealogical Loop with this one.   I am jealous of people who can name their ancestors back so many time.  Sniff,sniff…..


  1. Martell with two l's seems to be Irish. There was a Patrick Martell listed on the 1880 census for Philadelphia, age 40, born Ireland - year of immigration 1861.

    If Ellen didn't come over until 1872 she could be listed on the 1871 census.

    Do you already have the passenger list for the "City of Baltimore" arrived New York 27 Apr 1872, Ellen Martell age 28? There is also James O'Roarke on the same page, age 25.

  2. Ellen Martel* came over in 1872. Her husband Patrick O'Rourke came also in 1872. They were maried in 1874, according to the census. I have not found their marriage record.
    I will check the 1871 census and "The City of Baltimore." She had listed her birthday as 1852, I did wonder if that was correct because I had found some Ellen Mortel born in 1852. I know she could read because my dad said she would read the newspaper to her husband.