Saturday, March 28, 2009

March Birthdays

I just occurred to me that this month of March was the birthdays of two of my great grandparents.

Thomas Dowd was born 14 March 1860, in Mayo County, Ireland. I know about him in PA, but nothing in Ireland. He also died on 18 March 1930, I have to find out what was the cause of death. He lived seventy years in an era when the life expectance was forty years. Thomas had a few siblings who came to the USA. Catherine, Norah, and Michael, I would like to find out more about them.

Bridget Naughton was born 25 March 1868, also in Mayo County, Ireland. She had an identical twin sister. This was told to me by my father, who could not tell them apart and verified by my cousin Ann. Bridget was my cousins grandmother. I found a listing on the LDS site for her with her exact date of birth and it listed her parents were Thomas Naughton and Catherine Ward. I am 99% certain that this was "my" Bridget. I wish they had a mechanism where you could contact people who have submitted information.

She died 15 January 1939. I know where they are buried but there is no stone. I have been thinking about buying one for their grave. It will seem a bit odd to have a gravestone purchased by a great grandchild who had never known them. Do other people do such a thing?

I did add their name to the data base at All Saints Braddock Catholic Cemetery. If other descendants were looking for them, now they would be found.

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