Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The Naughtons have been difficult to find, at least for me.   Initially, all I knew was my great grandmother was Bridget Naughton and she had a identical twin.    That information was given to me by my father when we were discussing his family

It took me a few years to sort this mess out.  Erin, a cousin had  given me information on Bridgets sisters who were here in Pennsylvania.   I had only heard about the elusive twin, but  I did find the sisters Nora and Margaret, plus the elusive Katherine who was the twin.

My biggest help in finding them was when the death certificates for Pennsylvania were released.  I found Katherine and the biggest obstacle to finding her was the fact that she married Patrick Naughton, her maiden and married name were the same.  The death certificates listed a different female as the mother.  Plus I could not find the twin in the Irish Baptisms.

The difficulty in finding this family was the fact that Bridget and her husband, Thomas Dowd,  gave the incorrect birthdates when applying for their marriage license.  Was this intentional or a mistake?   I did find two people with the exact names and birthdates on Family Search, at this point in time I don't think I will find the answer to that question.  After resolving this matter I was able to find the correct parents for Bridget.

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