Monday, January 13, 2014

Baltzer Reinwald

I had not worked on anything for a while.   I was examining my husbands ancestors, his Bowser line to be exact.   This line is from his paternal grandmother, Mary Sperl.   Her mother was Olive Bowser and from ARMSTRONG COUNTY PA. I had a long search for Olive and had not done too much work on this line for about a year or so.
I decided to check them on my Ancesstry tree and found a lot of leaves and realized that I knew nothing about Baltzer/Balthasar Reinwald.
Seems that he belonged to a group called the Schwenkfelders who left Silesia, Germany in 1733 because of religious persecution and finally settled in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.  I even found him on BALTZER REINWALD on Find a Grave.    It has Anders as his last name, but searching as I might I believe that is not true.
I found two woman listed as his wife, one being Anna Anders and on a tree a woman Elizabeth Yeakel as his wife.   This requires some searching on my part.
I still think his ancestors are more interesting than mine.  This is an interesting thing to pursue .  More on them later, but Baltzer appears to be his 6th great grandfather.

I have been unable to connect Baltzer and his family to the Bowser Family, still does not prove or disprove, I just need more information.

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