Thursday, February 7, 2013


Today was my day for my volunteer researching at the Church Archives.  My friend and I were both going to register for a class.  She wanted the class Determining Kinship Reliably with Thomas Jones and I wanted Advanced Land Record with Rick Sayre.

At high noon sharp we ready with our registration page in place.  According to the clock on our computers it was 12:00 we started clicking.   She got in and in a few seconds submitted her choice and to her dismay it was closed at 12:04.   ???????  How did that happen?  She opted for the waiting list.

I could not get connected by hitting register and I tried another computer that we had the home page up as a back up.  With a few click of my mouse I was ready to go and got in the class by 12:06.  Was the problem with too many people trying to register or was the computer too slow?  

It really was sort of frustrating for her to get in by 12:04 and be too late.   I was happy I got my choice.  I can only imagine the trauma if you had to submit your credit card information with the registration.  I am glad we can pay by check within 30 days.

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