Wednesday, February 20, 2013



My husbands brother was cleaning out his possessions.  My husband got a treadmill, and he asked me if I wanted his mothers bible and the records from his parents funeral   

YES   There is not too much there just a little writing.   Which did not prove to be a gold mine, but I found the witness at their wedding, the dates and locations of their childrens weddings, and the dates and places of the grandchildren Baptisms and Communions.

I was just wondering about how the old Bibles and records got “lost”   People do not think it was important and what information could possibly be in there.  

The information from the funeral home had the sympathy cards, Mass cards and a list of everyone who had attended the viewing.  Now I know a lot of relatives who were alive at the time of his parents death.  This was my first pass through and now I have things to add in my files.

I am glad he asked.

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