Monday, November 19, 2012


I thought after I retired I would have a lot of time to spend doing Genealogy.  Somehow, I have not gotten done what I wanted to do.  I have to remedy my ways.

This morning, while I was reading my email on Hotmail I saw a tab for SKYDRIVE, which is from Microsoft.     It appeared to me at first to be a  place to store all your stuff.  Indeed it is,  Why had I never used this feature???

After clicking on the application it gave some information on MICROSOFT ONE NOTE which is on my Microsoft Office 2010.    I have used Word and starting to make a date base for Genealogy with Excell, but what in the world is One Note?  

I found this great tutorial HOW TO ORGANIZE STUFF IN ONE NOTE.  I was enthralled and amazed, why I never explored this item before?  I even had read where other sang their praises of this program.  This morning I am smitten and I can't wait to explore it.

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  1. I have EVERNOTE which is similiar . I love the webclipper where I can add my notes .

    Nice blog ! Happy 3rd BLOG ANNIVERSARY .