Friday, October 12, 2012


I have not been too busy on the trails of my ancestors.   I have been posting links to another one of my blogs. OAKMONT GENEALOGICAL STUDY GROUP,  I started this with the idea of helping others in our group find useful links and stories.  

There is a lot of information but I am now sorry I did not add tabs and categorize it that you could find things with a keyword.    I have to look into that before the blog gets too large and it would be overwhelming.
I was at my volunteer research job yesterday, and I was searching for a client and in this one old (1840’s) church records.   Honestly, I found the whole parish had a family census that was complete with the list of children.   The priest must have added to the list with every Baptism.   Each family had about a half of a page in a log book where the names were added.   What a bonus to report.

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