Tuesday, October 16, 2012


What, you might ask...I was reading my grandmothers Baptismal certificate posted earlier this month.  It dawned on me that I did not have my mothers Baptismal certificate nor did I have one from her father.   It seems unusual that my grandmother did not bring them on the trip to America.  If she brought one why not the others?

I suspect all three were brought to the USA and the other two were lost somehow.  Next, I wondered, where was my mother Baptized?   They were living in Altona, Germany, could I theorize it would have been a Lutheran Church in that city or somewhere else in Hamburg? 

Yesterday I searched for Lutheran Churches in the area but did not get a good picture of where any were.   I will have to search better today or go to the LDS and see what films are available.  I know that my grandfather was not born where they lived, another mystery, if I knew where his family lived I could search for a church there also.    There are a lot of unknowns for my family in Europe.

This goes as well for my Irish great grandparents.   All the documents state that he was from Limerick, Ireland.   But I can find no Irish documentation to back up what is written.   I read a little tidbit that states that the surname O'Rourke was common in County Leitrim, I will looks at the LDS for that film too.

I have more questions than answers.

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